pork rinds they make in the "black country", in the west midlands, places like woverhampton, walsall n wednesbury n cannock,
you can get em from the butchers and the pubs!
john: gerrus a bagga pork scratchings aer kid
Jimmy: arr will do, goowin down the pub later, aye i
john: tah
by paul hinton December 9, 2005
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Pork scratchings is the term for the left over 'crumbs' after the penis ejaculates and is not cleaned or wiped, and the remaining dried up semen is brushed/scratched off.

See also wordknobcheese/word
Please excuse the mess on your brand new black suit, I had pork scratchings.
by Teaboy September 23, 2003
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porky- when one boy goes to west ham matches and eats pork.
pork scratching- when one has evolved from the porky state and stays at home eating on the couch.
conner your such a pork scratchings!
go shove bacon up your mums ass you pork scratchings!
by mr. porky March 28, 2007
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When a guy gets the perfect pinch, roll, scratch technique in just the right spot on his balls. This is the greatest pleasure a man can feel.
Omg yes I just got the best pork scratching
by Lord McCready October 9, 2020
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Rick Waller:
Synonym, each being approximately 60% fat ratio
The Pork Scratchings mother was proud to see her son singing on TV.
by Zoolook May 3, 2004
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Shut ya pork scratchings is a way to shut people up in Britain. It means to shut up and eat pork scratchings
Daughter : I'm gonna sing sherlock by Rebecca fai
Mom: Shut ya pork scratchings

Daughter : it wasn't me

by SHUT YA PORK SCRATCHINGS October 23, 2018