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When a photo has been digitally edited using photoshop. This normally involves celebrity porn or kittens.
That's not Britney Spears, that's been Photoshopped!
by Teaboy April 10, 2004

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When one is not able to hold in a shit and it spills out and down one's leg(s)
You dirty shitleg
by Teaboy September 23, 2003

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A lump of excretion which is stuck on an object once it has been removed from someone's anus.
I pulled out of her arse and saw a chicken nugget on my bellend!
by Teaboy June 02, 2005

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Pork scratchings is the term for the left over 'crumbs' after the penis ejaculates and is not cleaned or wiped, and the remaining dried up semen is brushed/scratched off.

See also knobcheese
Please excuse the mess on your brand new black suit, I had pork scratchings.
by Teaboy September 23, 2003

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