a person who is crazy, stoner, funny or your good friend.
1.your a crazy poper (british accent)
2. i live on POPPER STREET ( british accent)
3. i like you, my good poper!
by quicey... April 15, 2003
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a large person around 15 to 16 years of age, who has abnormally large breasts, a loud, annoying half laugh, and who is very intelligent in the mathmatical field. This person may tend to smell like pubs, or even pop into a discussion without an invite.
Poper sits alone in the cafeteria.
by HSMloverr October 02, 2008
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deriving for the lst name 'pope' it is a term given to someone with exessively big, and/or hairy legs.
it can also be used in the sense
'get youre popes out'
Hen: 'woah man, that lady needs a shave'
Moe: 'she got some popers on her'

by hen&moe March 07, 2009
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Someone who attends the school Pope John Paul ll
"im going to be a poper next year"
by ch33ka December 20, 2004
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when a hooker gets pissed of at a male client and decides while giving her male client a B.J. to bite one or both of his nuts till they pop
Male client- "yeah u fuckin slut suck it, suck it!"
Hooker- " what did you just call me?"
Male client- " look dont stop keep with the sucking!"
Hooker- " fine"
so she proceeds to suck till when he's about to blow his load, and she bites his nuts till they pop.
Hence a Nut poper
by 69MoWeR69 March 22, 2009
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flushed with tons of Dimonds, usally a wannabe try'n to bling with rocks.
Look at that ice poper try'n to out shine himself with rocks
by Squint March 04, 2004
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the man was pulling a isis cherry poper when he accidentally set off the bomb in his pocket blowing up himself, forever embedding small parts of his dick inside the goats ass.
by darthdragnell June 19, 2018
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