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A failed government experiment to hold small children and gorillas in the same building.
Everybody hates you, everyone is waiting to spit on you and throw rocks at you.
People who enjoy High School usually end up homeless.
by McDaddy's Big Patties April 26, 2019
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A 1999 sitcom television series created by Seth MacFarlane which features a variety of redesigned and renamed Simpsons characters making pop-culture references in plots so mundane, the writers get bored and interject gags which have no relevance to plot.
Holy Crap Loise! It's Family Guy time!
by McDaddy's Big Patties March 13, 2019
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A larger version of Detroit located in Europe/Asia.
My vacation to Russia was just okay. Putin was nice though.
by McDaddy's Big Patties March 13, 2019
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A derogatory term utilized primarily by Americans to satirize someone who watches excessive anime and/or has a deep fascination with eastern Asia, primarily South Korea or Japan. Weeaboos will often glorify east Asian countries beyond realism, believing it to be a safe haven from everything, despite a large array of problems existing there. A "weeaboo" typically exceeds the average weight of a normal person, and will commonly live in their parent's home at an age exceeding 30.
Keep in mind: An individual possessing these traits can dodge the term weeaboo being applied to them as long as they keep in touch with their own culture, and behave respectfully towards the culture.
Joe rounded toe corner and saw a weeaboo. Distraught by the event, Joe ran the other way.
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 7, 2017
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An internet "meme" originating from a video showcasing audio clips of both the Family Guy character Joe Swanson greeting his neighbor, Peter Griffin, as well as Swanson screaming enthusiastically while witnessing an action film featuring Steven Segal, as shown in the Family Guy episode "E. Peterbus Unum". This is combined with visuals from a cutaway gag in the Family Guy episode "Foreign Affairs", in which Joe Swanson replaces the protagonist of "American Dad" in a reenactment of the show's opening.
Hey Beter. Hey Beter. Hey Beter.
by McDaddy's Big Patties March 12, 2019
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1. A celebrity among North Koreans for being the only fat man in the nation. Son of Kim Jong Il, grandson of North Korea's god Kim Il Sung.
2. Seth Rogan if he was asian.
Wow! Look over there! It's Kim Jong Un! I've never seen a man of his size before!
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 4, 2017
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The regionally appropriate term for "hamburgers" in Albany, New York.
Though phrased as "steamed", a steamed ham is typically grilled, and served on a platter often containing more than a quarter dozen of the aforementioned dish and various french fries.
Not to be confused with "steamed clams", a similarly phrased dish which can often be mistaken for steamed hams.
Oh, no, I said, “steamed hams.” That’s what I call hamburgers.
by McDaddy's Big Patties February 20, 2018
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