A slang from Northern Vallejo's Country Club Crest AKA. 3c's expressing a friend thats in that click
Wassup cuddie we finna take that nigga shit!
by Juel February 28, 2004
a slang from the Vallejo's Crestside neighbourhood, used to represent a friend, a homey or a potna.
by fila April 8, 2003
short for cutthoat; a homie in your click. originated in northern califoolya.
suckas watch out, cuddies n da buildn.
by thizzizwhutitiz June 23, 2006
This term is definitely from Vallejo's Crest but it is actually a Crip concocted term. The Crips took the word buddie and exchanged the "B" for a "C" to make cuddie.
ay fuck these slobs hand me that strap cuddie,,
by Kiliasm September 25, 2006
its a southern term for friend my nigga dude man what ever yall say we just say cuddie it just means friend hommie
whats tha damn deal cuddie?
cuddie you wont neva guess what u heard last night?
swear ta god cuddie !
by whitney aka dat girl star August 29, 2007
Originated in jail as a mispronunciation of the word color, as in you are my cudder. Was later shortened to cuddie.
I thought he was yo cuddie? Naw he aint my cuddie he be white.
by cuddie March 10, 2006
Used in vallejo and the rest of bay area to refer to a Friend; Homie
Whatup cuddy, sippin on that top of the line whine Carlos Rossi?
by yanar November 28, 2004