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To fire a gun, usually at someone.

Refers to the fact that guns fire when the trigger is pulled and causes a firing pin to literally "pop" an explosive cap attached to the end of a bullet, causing the bullet to spiral out of the grooved barrel at tremendous speed.
The rap artist stated that he would pop a cap into another rap artist, but we all know that the state would never grant him a concealed carry license due to his convictions for multiple felonies, so he'll have to purchase a firearm through the black market.
by Joe Timewaster April 15, 2007
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back in the olden days when I was a young boy in nebraska this term used to mean to open a soda bottle. but times have changed and now it is a term for violence against one another which i believe mimicks the direction in which our country is headed. in short to pop a cap is to fucking shoot someone okay.
back in nebraska- pop a cap off that coca cola product please my good sir

now a days- I'm gonna pop a cap in yo good sir
by thomas the train engine November 08, 2006
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The result of reverse-biasing an electrolytic capacitor. Consequences include but are not limited to an explosion of smoke, flame, and electrolytic goo complemented by a sharp "BANG."
Engineering Student A: "What smells like an electrical fire?"

Engineering Student B: "Dude, I think you put that capacitor in backwards."


Professor: "Did somebody just pop a cap in my lab?"

*Cue Students A and B snickering*
by StudFreeman February 16, 2014
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1) To take off, or 'pop', the top on a can or glass/plastic bottle.

2) To shoot ('pop') a bullet ('cap') at someone/something

3) A multi-player scenario on Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 in which one player, called the 'victim' and denoted by being neon-green in color, was hunted down and killed by the other players by either conventional means (face-to-face shooting, fist fight, knifing, etc.), unconventional means (remote mine, proximity mine, timed mine, etc.), means of stealth (cloaking device, shooting in the back of the head dishonorable, etc.), or by utterly cheap means (using the maian 'farsight', wire-guided 'skedar' rocket launcher, poison-dipped throwing knives, etc.). Points were earned by either killing the 'victim', which earned you 3 points and the chance at being the 'victim', or by being the 'victim' and alive for an un-godly amount of time (around 15 seconds), which earned you 1 point. Using teams in this scenario makes it more enjoyable, especially with large groups of human/A.I. players, whereas the team that had a 'victim' member was tasked with defending him or her, while the other team(s) were tasked with killing the 'victim'. Has yet to be cloned/copied into any current game with the exception of games that allow players to add their own multi-player scenarios into the mix (Halo, Halo II, etc.). However, these can not usually compare to the original due to un-available customization options present in the scenario on Perfect Dark.

It is also noted that, unusually, there has been no sequel to Perfect Dark like once promised. The shares of Rare(c) held by Nintendo(c) were, sadly, sold sometime after Perfect Dark was made, forcing Nintendo to look elsewhere for creating its FPS titles.
1) Bottoms up!!!

2) <jive> Don't make me pop a cap into yo ass, foo! </jive>

3) Damnit!!! >.< They found my hiding spot!!! Now I have to pop the new cap!!!
by Boxymoron February 12, 2005
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