When the guy blows his load in a porn movie.
Porn Star: "Last week I took the pop shot on my face, this week on my ass and next week down the hatch! Boy I'm moving up in the world, aren't I?"
by JP January 1, 2004
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An uncommon type of no scope used in call of duty games in which a player slightly but not completely aim's down there sights and then stops, and fires as soon as the cross hairs return to normal. Some believe it's when you fire while there coming together this is not true.
Player 1: Man I just pop shot yo bitch ass cross map.
Player 2: That was just bull.
by Rich_for_killin February 28, 2010
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In the porn buisness when a guy cums inside the girl without wearing a condom and after he pulls out the girl contracts her pelvic floor with enough force to forcfully expel the ejaculate from her vagina.
Sometimes pop shots don't work and they cause porn babies.
by snuff2 March 21, 2009
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An unexpected arrival. So named, because of the startled look of the average porn starlet when the money shot hits them in the face.
Lady Clematis looked up at Lord D'Cockworthy with a look of total surprise for he had just delivered a porn stars pop shot right between her emerald eyes.
by Wizards Sleeve September 24, 2006
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Drop a bomb of drone in a vodka red bull, you get a pop dog shot splitter, bitch
can i have a pop dog shot splitter?
go to hell.
by Arsenic Taco October 15, 2011
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