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1. A sock that is used as a temporary contained for faecal matter.
2. A vital part of any dedicated EverQuest player's equipment. A poopsock eliminates the need to go all the way to the bathroom, which wastes valuable levelling time.
3. An insult used to refer to an obsessive MMORPG player who gains an unusually high number of levels in one day.
SpawnSlayer13 is such a poopsock. He got from level 1 to 60 in the space of a day.
by serial_experiments_lain October 24, 2005
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Verb: to obsessively and excessively play a game, usually an MMORPG, usually for hours on end and to the exclusion of all other concerns.
"Dave's a little too into World of Warcraft. He's been poopsocking for about 12 hours now."

"Dammit, casual players can't get anywhere in this game. The good stuff is all camped by poopsockers."
by Viscount April 11, 2006
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Frequently mistaken for a thread where someone's roommate was revealed to have been shitting off the side of his desk chair while playing everquest the reality of this is even more disturbing.

Someone posted a thread about a girl he knew who had been dating a guy who was kind of weird. In the end it turned out that he was storing his feces in socks in duffel bags under his bed.
"About 6 years ago my sister had the terrible misfortune of dating a guy that
should would later come to regret. She had been dating "Chad" for little over a
year. I had always thought the guy to be kind of a jerk, but I was her older
brother, so naturally I would think that way."

"Anyway, the more she got to know the guy the more she had realized all the
strange nuances and quirks that he had. He had to have his bed made just a
certain way every day, or he couldn't leave the house. He had some strange
things that he would have to do before he left his house in the morning. Like
turning off light switches in a particular order your basic
obsessive-compulsive disorder kind of guy."

"Well my sister thought most of this was tolerable and she could deal with it
for the time being. During the summer she and Chad had decided to go to the
lake to do some swimming, he was downstairs getting the rest of his stuff ready
for their trip to the lake."

"She had gone up to his room to change and realized she didn't bring anything
with her to put her bathing suit and other things in. She had remembered that
she bought him a nice Nike duffel bag for Christmas a few months prior, she had
looked around the room and in his closets for the bag, but it was nowhere to be
found. Lastly she looked under the bed to see if it had been stowed there, sure
enough, it was right there the whole time."

"She pulled out the bag and decided to empty the contents so she could put her
things in it. Much to her surprise it was filled with socks, filled entirely
with socks that is. My sister told me that she almost dismissed the fact that
the bag was full of them, but her thoughts quickly changed when she picked one
of them up and it was heavy and sort of "clumpy" She lifted the sock up only to
have the contents fall to the floor. Much to her dismay she realized that Chad
had been storing his turds in his socks. Yep, the same duffel bag that she had
given to him for Christmas just a few months before was now being used to house
his excrement's."

"Being a person of sound mind she knew this obviously wasn't proper behavior.
She immediately confronted him and he pretty much lost it, as would anybody who
got caught hiding turds in socks under your bed. It didn't really end there,
she tried to break up with him and he had a nervous break down, then after that
we never really heard from him again."
by Le Bobo March 21, 2005
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A normal foot sock which is used to catch feces from World of Warcraft players who can't get up to use the bathroom while in the heat of battle.
I've been playing WOW for 2 days straight and my poop sock is almost full.
by arNette September 26, 2006
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Poop Sock (n). - A normal foot sock which is used to defecate into. The use of a poop sock can be caused by a lack of willingness to get up and go to the bath room, due to being presently engaged in a video game, or other mentally strenuous activity.

Poop Sock (v). - The verb poop sock, is used to allude to a process that will consume much time, and involve very little moving.
- I have a poop sock of a test coming up for Latin. Should take at least 3 hours to finish.
- That Molten Core run took 8 hours; sure was a poop sock and a half.
by Beau Bouchard August 20, 2007
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The act of defacating into any type of sock so you are able to continue playing video games without needing to use the loo.
Holy miercoles Styphon has been using a poopsock for a week now.
by Granm February 12, 2009
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Despite the fact that many believe that poopsocks were invented to sustain the ability to play video games for long periods of time, new evidence suggests that poopsocks were invented much longer ago for and for a very different purpose. A Sock containing fossilized fecal material was recently discovered in the Great Rift Valley. Carbon dating tests estimate the sock and feces are nearly 30,000 years old putting the poopsock at nearly the same time modern culture as we know it began to develop. Similar materials were found in a camp 200 miles away. The camp displayed evidence of an attack as the many skeletons showing sings of battering. Even more interesting was the fact that feces and pieces of sock material were found on the bodies with evidence showing that they may have been used for striking. Thus it is theorized that poopsocks have been in use for many millenniums as a weapon.
Student: Its amazing how quickly the work of Dr. Hydel is advancing our understanding of poopsocks.

Homeless Man: Either give me money or shut the fuck up before I poopsock you!
by theREALharryjones August 10, 2010
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