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Verb. From the root, "poopsock". The practice of defecating into an article of clothing in lieu of leaving a task to use a traditional toilet. Almost exclusively used in relation to video gaming.

Similar in concept, but distinct from Shitbucket/Shit-bucketing; a derogatory term which denotes the usage of a non-clothing receptacle, and is used exclusively toward level-based online gaming.
Player 1: "Man, I need a bio break, but I can't leave the raid."
Player 2: "Same, but I've been poopsocking since the first boss."
. . . Pause. . .
Player 3: ". . .You people are disgusting."
by dicks oak November 13, 2014
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Defacating into a sock in order to avoid having to get up from your computer to use the toilet. Often utilized when playing online role playing games.
John was poopsocking all the way to level 60 this weekend.
by Ken March 14, 2005
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