The level at which people who play MMORPGs realize that they've just wasted a few months of their life playing a pointless game which benefits them in no way.
Example #1: "I just reached level 60 in Runescape. Now, looking back, I know just how stupid it was to waste my time playing it."
Example #2: "I've just gotten to level 60 in World of Warcraft. Now there isn't much else to do. How boring."
by kazera July 10, 2006
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The pinnacle of achievement, the absolute greatest accomplishment that one can recieve. Derived from World of Warcraft, where the level cap is level 60, and once you hit it it usually means you're pretty much done, the only other option being PvP, equip optimization, epic mounts, and high-level instances. Believe me, those AREN'T a lot of options. Play WoW, and you'll know what i'm talking about,
Guy one: dude, i just got laid!
Guy two: awesome man, you hit level 60!
Guy one: yeah, but it turned out to be a dude.
Guy two: *cocks gun*
by son of jor-el September 12, 2005
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Basically the main point of the game World Of Warcraft. Although when half the players reach it they realize that they wasted about 3 months at the least of their lives on a worthless game. No fun activities exist at level 60 so eventually World of Warcraft will become a noob's playground and blizzard's demise.
<u> Upon Reaching level 60 </u>
Person 1: i m $0 1337 i r34ch3d l3v3l 60 finally!!
Person 2: Get a life dumbass and try to write in full sentences.
Person 1: You mean = i m g0ing t0 play with my r34l h0mi3s online
Person 2: Whatever Weirdass, i'm going to get laid.
<u> Few weeks Later </u>
Person 1: I stopped playing world of warcraft there was like nothing to do at level 60 sadly.
Person 2: Fuck you man get a life
Person 1: Please take me back!
Person 2: *walks away leaving person 1 crying*
by Joe Pugliese November 25, 2006
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