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a small, but highly significant, payload of poop or 'turdulation' which is expelled, emitted, dropped, pitched, left, released, extruded, or otherwise de-ass-ified from one's rear 'port'.

Always firm (or it would be called a 'poop toothpaste' or a 'poop ribbon', it is usually deep chocolate brown in color and highly aromatic in a thoroughly barfulated manner.

It is sometimes used as a name of deep affection or admiration.
I just dropped a poop nugget.
I have contributed many poop nuggets to the local ecology.
Oy, there's a poop nugget in my socks!
You are quite a poop nugget, Mr. President.
(In French accent like Pepe LePew) Mah darleeng, you are such a beautiful poupe nougat! I am mahd for you, ma petite poopoux!
by Barnegat Blummis December 07, 2006
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A slang term for an annoying friend, or sibling. It is silly, yet negative. It is the perfect thing to call dumb, annoying people.
My sister was a poop nugget when she wouldn't let me help her with her homework.
by Queen Danyelle December 28, 2014
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a nugget of poo. also a funny word to call somebody-
"HAha, u poop nugget!"
by matt July 30, 2003
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A general, mild curse, like darn, for when the user wants to be slightly original, but something FUCK MY ASSHOLE isn't appropriate.
Mom: Take the trash out.
Kid: Poop nuggets.
by Notorious R.E.D. February 05, 2007
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the small chunky bits of poo that linger on the hairs of the anus
man your breath smells like a poopnugget
by billy bob blow job October 01, 2003
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