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a small, but highly significant, payload of poop or 'turdulation' which is expelled, emitted, dropped, pitched, left, released, extruded, or otherwise de-ass-ified from one's rear 'port'.

Always firm (or it would be called a 'poop toothpaste' or a 'poop ribbon', it is usually deep chocolate brown in color and highly aromatic in a thoroughly barfulated manner.

It is sometimes used as a name of deep affection or admiration.
I just dropped a poop nugget.
I have contributed many poop nuggets to the local ecology.
Oy, there's a poop nugget in my socks!
You are quite a poop nugget, Mr. President.
(In French accent like Pepe LePew) Mah darleeng, you are such a beautiful poupe nougat! I am mahd for you, ma petite poopoux!
by Barnegat Blummis December 07, 2006
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A slang term for an annoying friend, or sibling. It is silly, yet negative. It is the perfect thing to call dumb, annoying people.
My sister was a poop nugget when she wouldn't let me help her with her homework.
by Queen Danyelle December 28, 2014
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a nugget of poo. also a funny word to call somebody-
"HAha, u poop nugget!"
by matt July 30, 2003
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A general, mild curse, like darn, for when the user wants to be slightly original, but something FUCK MY ASSHOLE isn't appropriate.
Mom: Take the trash out.
Kid: Poop nuggets.
by Notorious R.E.D. February 05, 2007
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A nugget of poop; someone bitchy, annoying, rude, or crotchety. Usually full of shit and/or asshole
"Dude stop being such a poop nugget."
"Ugh you are quite the poop nugget."
by Izzy F. November 29, 2016
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the small chunky bits of poo that linger on the hairs of the anus
man your breath smells like a poopnugget
by billy bob blow job October 01, 2003
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Basically its nuggets of poop. They are some what similar to chicken nuggets except they are made of poop. I don't know how else to describe it other than poop that looks like nuggets and smells like ass.
Oh look at those fine poop nuggets Billy. They look delicious, don't they?
by Pooper Poopington July 14, 2006
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