A common usuage for pewdiepie in games.
Cryspy: poods get out of the way!
Poods: no! Senpai noticed me!
by XxlelnotpoodsxX February 24, 2015
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dude check out his poods

whoa man that shits fat
by muhfucka69 August 19, 2006
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the nickname given to people with curly blond hair, resembling that of a poodle.
damn, poods how do you drive without any thumbs?

there is a nice bush over there poods for you to pee in.
by markus08 August 21, 2008
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She is a ghetto diva from down south. Usually found adorned in large hoop earings.
medical student. the heart. poods is like a tree in the snow.
by chunkarlunks January 18, 2012
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1. when in the action of flatuating and you think you might have filled your pants with a little unintended escrament

2. when your fart smells like straight up shit and you or others question you about the possible content in the rear of your pants
1. "manny wat the FXXK? i think u just pooded?"

2. "I think i just pooded guys!"
by caidoz rellik 999 March 19, 2009
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Pooding- "A word with universal meaning; can be used in any context; meaning good, bad, and the damn right anything."
-This apple tatses like pooding
-That car is pooding
-You've got pooding on your shirt
-Man 1-"Is the 5th of July a monday?". Man 2-"Pooding?"
by guppygould May 30, 2009
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Past tense of poo. I pood.
I pood my pants. When I pood, it smelled like poo.
by tractor face February 15, 2005
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