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Dougie Poynter is the Greek-English bass player of boyband McFly.Fit and handsome enough to be compared to the band's hearthob,Danny Jones,he wouls best describe himself as a "dark horse".He comes across as being really quiet,which is nonsense, according to other band members!!Doug is into skating and admitts he took up the bass just because it has 4 strings and is therefore easier than playing a 6-stringed lead guitar!!
Speaker 1:D' ya know who plays the bass in McFly?
Speaker 2 :Oh I think it's that guy,Dougie Poynter
by Dimitra August 28, 2006
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Attractive Greek-English bass player in award-winning British Pop/Punk/Rock band McFly. Although he has the ability to sit through an entire interview without uttering a word, when this boy wonder does speak, his witty humour and charisma shines. Poynter's off-stage antics with fellow band member Harry Judd have led people to wonder whether he may be Bisexual.
"I wouldn't say no to that Dougie Poynter"
by LLMathews December 11, 2007
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amazing bassist for english pop band mcfly
full name (i think): dougie lee poynter
birthday: november 30
he likes: cool animals, skating, his girlfriend, bea steffen (grrrr)
he doesnt like: people who hate his music
no example. uhhhhhh, still cant think of one. never mind. oh, i have to say dougie poynter. okay then. dougie poynter.
by bea-wannabe March 12, 2008
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The bassist from a band called McFly, and of course, my future husband.

by dougiegirl February 28, 2008
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The gayest member of a British surf music boy band called Mcfly.
Crazy Male Poynter Fan: OMG it's Dougie Poynter wanking!!!
Crazy Female Poynter Fan: OMG it's Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones making manginas!!!
by JuddJones August 17, 2007
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