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An expression meaning: Wow, that is really, really gay.

Said by Master Shake.
Master Shake: That is the gayest thing I have ever seen since gay went to gay town!
by Artifishalfish November 3, 2006
Something that is the shit.

If it is thunderballs or the thunderballs, it definitely pwns ya mutha's face off.
Dude, the new Dethklok album is the thunderballs. You gotta get it.
by Artifishalfish September 25, 2007
Also known as leet speak, this language was originally made by losers and nerds like me who play Counter Strike.
Example conversation using CS talk:

"j00 4r3 73++ 0083r /\/008!!"

"Nope, you are just a 10 year old gay kid who will never know a woman."

*Head shot*
by Artifishalfish September 10, 2006
A way to say queer when it has been used up, a way to put in
variety in your insults that usually mean Gay, even if the victim is not.
"Ah, Qwer!"
"You Qwer!"
by Artifishalfish July 31, 2006
A name, meaning "Who is like god", in Greek.
My level 99 Transcend in RO is named Mikhos. Dig it.
Ethereal-RO 4tw!
by Artifishalfish January 19, 2007
The name for "Jumperman" the character created in Donkey Kong (Arcade). He is now known almost exlusively as Mario and Super Mario.

Named after Nintendo's landlord at the time.
"Super Mario owns you. And your mom."

"Yeah, well you're no Super Mario."
by Artifishalfish December 19, 2006