When you lick the females clitoris, it can be referred to as "polishing the pearl" the clit being the pearl, your tongue doing the polishing..
She came over to my house, and I polished her pearl..
by Bill Will Gates July 14, 2005
Masturbating. A female rubbing her clitoris (or the general area of her vulva) is polishing her pearl. Also called "buttering her muffin," "jilling," "petting her cat," "maintaining a holding pattern," or "having a quick flick."
I like to watch my girlfriend moan and spasm while she is polishing the pearl.
by wwcnd April 5, 2006
When a person with a vagina masturbates using clitoral stimulation.
Brittany: "what took you so long?"

Alexis: "sorry, I was polishing my pearl."
by asshatasshat June 26, 2016