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Also known as Luke and Loki. A Lukey is an extremely adorable guy whos smile a smile will leave a girl breathless. His smile can warm up anybodys heart. A lukey is a wonderful lover and will do anything to make you happy, I know by experience. Now, dont think im forgetting the undeniable sexiest of this man. Sure the man seems cute, but once things get hot n heavy in the upstairs bedroom, things are getting wild. He will be careful and stop when you tell him to, but otherwise, he'll leave you gasping. All around, a Lukey is a girls dream guy and a right around great friend to have by your side. Get cha self a lukey girls (or guys i dont judge XD)
"DAMN! Lexi! look at lukey over there."
"He's so cute"
"Ha! You havent seen him in the bedroom, whew, left me begging"
"Damn really?"
"Hell yea"
by Kill meh pls March 06, 2017
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