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A word used by jealous partners when they want to mockingly ask if their partner is being in some way emotionally unfaithful in their interest in another person. Because it sounds jokey it allows them to express their jealousy without being accused of being weirdly clingy.
GF: Steve is really funny, don't you think?
BF: Oh I get it. You lurve him, don't you.
GF: (laughing) what, no! He's a friend.
BF: Yeh you totally lurve him.
by MKHH November 8, 2007
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A reintepration of the earlier phrase "for all intents and purposes", the phrase means "virtually" or "for all practical purposes".
For all intensive purposes the phrase "for all intensive purposes" is identical to "for all intents and purposes", and anyone who continues to make the distinction is a soulless pedant.
by MKHH November 15, 2006
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1. of or relating to the Caucasus, a region in the east of Europe imbetween the Black Sea and the Aral Sea, especially referring to the peoples, languages, and cultures native to that region.

2. A term used briefly in the early years of the 20th century by anthropologists to refer to the race of human beings that inhabits Europe, Iran, parts of Central Asia, and the north of the Indian Sub-Continent. This use of the word derives from the theory that all of these populations ultimately originate in the Caucasus region. The word has passed out of common use in academic circles, but is still used in North American English to refer to ethnic Europeans - ironically because of this the largest groups considered to be Caucasians, the inhabitants of South Asia and Iran, would not be considered as such under this definition.
1. "Georgian is the most widely spoken South Caucasian language, spoken mainly in the Caucasian nation of Georgia."

2. "The suspect is a Caucasian male, considered dangerous, proceed with caution."
by MKHH June 19, 2005
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An imaginary condition invented by people who have no experience with using computers. Computers scare them, so they pretend the monitor makes their eyes or brain hurt so they can run away. c.f. motion sickness. Real people can sit in front of monitors for days at a time and feel no ill effects.
old lady: oo-er, this computer tv screen makes my eyes go a bit funny. I think I have that there monitor malaise.
normal person: shut up, you moronic old bitch *shoots*
by MKHH October 7, 2005
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An online audio blog, made by people who typically sound like slightly camp nerds who most likely have no lives. It's pretty difficult to listen to one for more than about 5 minutes without laughing at them and then turning it off.
person 1: hey, did you listen to that podcast?
person 2: yeh, what a nerd. I felt bad for him making such a fool of himself while listening to it.
by MKHH July 9, 2005
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