women of color.

races like, black and asian.

everyone except white people.
by GENERICDI4MOND January 8, 2022
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MD,DC,VA area slang word that means: Waste Of Cum.
by zachmotion January 28, 2010
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A chinese slang "卧槽". The Pinyin of it is "wo cao". Means fuck/damn/holy……
A: I got first in the exam.

B: woc! Congrats.

A: woc. Why do you bring a healer? We already have.

B: Sorry. I don't know this game.
by Srami August 13, 2023
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That bitch is woc!!
This party is woc!!
by sha-lala January 5, 2006
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Term for cow's milk invented in the '60s in an Illinois middle school as an experiment in linguistic divergence.
I like woc and cookies.
Did you hear about happened to Ken? Somebody told a joke and he shot woc out his nose!
by Anonymous October 14, 2004
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Makes your lips look fabulous. Will never judge you based on your skin. Wholeheartedly represents women of colour.

Just because "Women" is in the name, doesn't mean everyone else isn't welcome.
WOC Beauty is cracking a notable turn to a more colour-compliant representation of beauty.
by Plum_Peach December 7, 2021
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