Adj. Post-modern in design or exression; often also denotes an ironic or self-referential tone.
The MoMa went all po-mo with that less-is-less design.
by Dana Slamp August 1, 2005
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Post-Modern this can be anything as far as descriptors go. I use it to describe being one step ahead of the curb.
Ashley's post modern subtle gothness will catch on but she is my adoness.
by Big-T July 21, 2004
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Who the hell does that po mo bastard think he is?
by weeZy August 12, 2002
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(Pronounced "Poe Chai Moe") Potential child molestor.
"That creepy English teacher is a total po chi mo."
by retrotron October 5, 2006
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n. Mounted police force, such as in NYC, Providence, RI, etc. Var. spelling: mo' po'
c.f. Po po, Po' po', Pro po
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
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the military police; those whom rape the high schoolers for speeding
fuck tha mo' po'
by andyfellovernet April 7, 2003
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