Act of +1-ing someone on Google Plus.
I plussed your website on Google Plus.
Please plus my page.
Just trying out plussing on Google Plus.
by TarkhanSkill July 13, 2011
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State of being impressed with or by something or someone.
The university admissions department had better be plussed with my essays.
by xbig69benzx February 26, 2009
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1. Being destroyed, humiliated, creamed, or otherwise suffering a loss from the hand of another person, group, or object.

2. Having physical, emotional, or psychological trama suffered.
Chris wrecked his motorcycle into a telephone pole. He was totally plussed up(+'d up).

J.P. was going to dunk the ball to impress a girl but was blocked. He was totally plussed up (+'d up).
by Chris Altherr August 15, 2008
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When you have reloaded in a poker session, but have made money on that reload. So even if you are stuck in a session, you can tell your friends that you are now in "barmen pluss". This will earn the respect from your peers that you truly deserve.
"I was stuck 1000$, but I ended the session in barmen pluss"
"My friend told me he was in barmen pluss.. he didnt want to tell me how much he was really stuck"
by hastoc September 04, 2019
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