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A fart-like noise, made perhaps by the dropping of large stones into mud.
'Plort' went the body as it sank into the quicksand.
by What the Deuce? June 26, 2005
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Plaid shorts, usually not acceptable to wear out in public unless at a golf tourament.
People who want to get laid should not wear plorts.
by YesImAGinger November 08, 2010
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Plaid shorts. Usually worn as swim wear, the style is making a comeback for daily wear. Plorts are a close cousin of the jort, or blue jean shorts.
That guy is wearing some sweet plorts.
by Kat the Lake Rat June 14, 2008
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A crystalline, poop-like substance produced by slimes in the game Slime Rancher.
Gary: "Oh, no, my cute little Tabby slimes are eating all the pink plorts! I hope they don't become Tarrs!"

Norkflord: "See, Gary, the races shouldn't mix. When the boogaloo comes, I'll hang your race-traitor corpse by a rope."

Gary: "Jesus, Norkflord. What's wrong with you? Are we actually friends? If so, what's wrong with me?"
by cupi January 10, 2020
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