Brookfield term for when a white person gets treated, usually a white yuppie.
What's a Joe!

Damn, you don't know what a joe is? Pleated!
by meg and lindsey January 24, 2007
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flirting or being flirted with.
Sm: Pleat or be pleat?

Heart: I prefer being pleated. I don't like flirting you never know what the other thinks. If I got pleated, I just need to defend and wait.
by Jhonjunta February 3, 2021
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the part of your body in between your ball and your ass hole
"Brandon Braxton lets people kiss his pleat for money"
by JoeOde January 17, 2017
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A definitive line that is intentionally placed on a shirt as part of a linear design.
Nick’s shirt had a distinguished pleat that made his pecks look defined!
by Nick’s bestie June 13, 2021
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an erection found within the depths of an office workers pleated pants (typically chinos) this specific erection is not an advanced chubby, this is THE REAL DEAL, a major obvious erection
well my day was immeadiatly ruined by my boss's pleat shark he got after the new inturn bent over to fix her shoe.
by victorzarnowitz4563 May 17, 2009
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a crease in a shirt formed after defacting by holding up the bottom of one's shirt against their chest with their chin to keep it off of the seat. Often a clear indication of a number 2 being performed as opposed to a number one.
Guy 1: Man, Gordon's been in the bathroom for a while now, there's no way he's taking a piss
Guy 2: There he is now, and yeah you're right, you can see the plop pleats on his shirt
Guy 1: He always f****ing stinks up my bathroom!
by Mollasses November 27, 2009
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First documented in the late Ming Dynasty, a common practice amongst the Mongol men during the Mongol/Khanate invasions of China; usually involving 3 or more men braiding each others foreskins together to avoid cryopathy of the glans. Colloquially known as Cock Cording and Knob Knitting. This is now referred to in the modern age as Docking.
“Christ lads, it’s so friggen’ cold out here, we should probs join in on a Mongolian Heat Pleat to save our skins!”

Hey Steve, Kev and I were talking about trying out that Mongolian Heat Pleat thing we learnt in history yesterday? You want in?”
by Ghangrenis Khant December 2, 2021
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