To mess up badly... Also, the example (taken from an Among Us clip that I cannot link).
Impostor (when he finds out he got Impostor): Oh you guys are so dead!
Random Crewmate: Alright, we gettin' his ass out first.
Random Crewmate 3: Bro, you guys are so dumb... this is just a joke.
Impostor: I literally said this last game...
Random Crewmate 2: No he didn't.
Literally everyone: Get his ass out of here!
Me: Ya played yourself.
by Da Budder Man September 20, 2020
IF you hit your penis more than twice after urianting to get rid of dribble, your touching yourself for pleasure opposed to clearing yourself off.
You say "if you tap it more than twice your playing with yourself" to speed up the line for the urianals.
by Bret "Ballsaw" January 28, 2005
This phrase is used when you catch a person in an outright lie. Catch a person lying to you.
Me, "Don't play yourself, I know you took the last donut!"

Other guy caught taking the donut.... Lolololol
by Old Mom January 7, 2017
Got yourself exited for nothing
"Aye man there is 7 cats in that car"
*they look*
"Man you played yourself
by Fagass69 February 4, 2016
This is a quote from DJ Khalid that means that you had set yourself up for something bad.
So you kicked your bed and it broke congratulations you played yourself.
by Gerrison November 27, 2016