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A girl player. Plays the same games that guys play but plays them better. She doesnt have to have sex with guys to get them to be with her, basically she plays guys like videogames.
B always has more than one man.
by Princess*B* September 20, 2004
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a female version of a player

can play in several different ways:
a) have multiple boyfriends with or without them knowing about each other
b) lead many different guys but never actually commit
c) goes from guy to guy

but it all comes down to having the guys pussy whipped and have them do whatever you want them to
a: damn she fine
b: be careful she's a playette
by queen bee November 21, 2003
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Usually a beautiful girl who's severely lacking in self confidence and normal emotions because of a bad previous relationship. She will rarely date a guy longer than a few months before getting bored and wanting to move on to someone new. A Playette usually has a suspicious amount of male friends, many of whom she has dated before and keeps around simply for validation because of her inability to befriend girls who generally find her bitchy and unsociable. Playettes also tend to have a negative outlook on life in general and refuse to acknowledge that the men they date have actual hearts and feelings, unlike themselves.
"What happened? I thought you guys really liked each-other?"

"Me too... until the full moon came out and she turned into a Playette!"
by JohnnyAppleseed487 January 27, 2010
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a female playa
a woman who dates multiple men at a time
Tia goes out with O, Mike and Donny. Yo she is a playette.
by Kandy December 05, 2002
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a woman that playz mental gamez with men, the way men play them with women. you're not alone men!
Playette is going to Lunch with Jay and later she's going to dinner with Keith.
by Zenita August 01, 2003
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-the flyezt, cutezt, 'n sweetezt lil thang 2 walk da face of da earth
u kno who u R....=)
by anonymous May 28, 2003
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