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Connected with Anthropomorphology, yiffed is the past participle of yiff. (That means that it is the past tense of yiff) When two or more anthros have mated, you say, they have yiffed

Yiff, Yiffing, Yiffed. In that order
When we finally got home we yiffed all night.
by Player May 6, 2005
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An LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) provides repeating waveforms (usually between .1 and 250Hz) that may be used for control and timing in voltage-controlled modular synthesizer applications. LFO's are generally used to create slow modulations such as vibrato and tremelo in electronic music equipment. see also moog
I'm trying to patch the LFO through the modulation bus and into filter bank but I don't have enough 1/4" cable!
by Player March 23, 2004
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Any of the electronic synthesizers as created by Dr. Robert Moog or the man himself. (rhymes with vogue)

Dr. Moog started his career in 1954 and in the 60's invented the synthesizer, a musical instrument that creates and modulates sound waves using voltages. The earliest Moogs were huge cabinets; later models were made smaller and less expensive for greater accessability by musicians.

This type of synthesis is refered to as analogue (as opposed to digital which was made popular in the 80's due to its reduced cost). Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in analogue sound due to its classic warmth and richness.
popular models include: the Minimoog, the Rogue, the Taurus II, the Polymoog, the Memory Moog, the Liberation and most recently the Minimoog Voyager

Today, MoogMusic company assembles synthesizers and other analogue gear in Ashville, SC.
by Player October 23, 2004
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Do not fault the successful participant in a flawed system; try instead to discern and rebuke that aspect of its organization which allows or encourages the behavior that has provoked your displeasure.
Teacher: You have plagarized this essay.
Student: Don't hate the player; hate the game.
by Player March 15, 2005
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When a girl is sucking on a lolly pop (aka your dick) and starts gagging/choking on it.

If you cum, she then licks the cum off your cock just like she would a lollipop.
I was at bae's place last night and she was giving me head and started lollygagging on my dick.

My girl took me to her candy shop and I let her lick my lollipop, but she started lollygagging.
by Player October 10, 2014
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