A nice laid-back guy, very sweet, says all the right things, at all the right times and means them.The kind of guy you'd want to be with for a long time due to how awesome he is. He's very ambitious and creative. He listens extremely well, and when he talks its always interesting. Oh and he's also very good-looking.
Stranger: I wish I had a Jereme to date... :/
Erica: Yeah, not trying to brag or anything...but he's damn near perfect.
by eppydreads January 19, 2012
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a person that is very fun to be around. Enjoys water and being alone, but also around other people. A very rare type of individual, and when i say individual, i mean they are one of a kind. Normally found out of their habitat. Away form the water is where they are normally found. They tend to not be happy when they are not next to a large body of water. Consider yourself lucky if you meet one of these cool cats.
Jereme- holy crap, that must have been a Jereme, no one ever sees one of those.
by doung March 29, 2009
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A typically extremely handsome man who likes to play video games and smokes weed on a daily basis. They are very sweet and can take your breathe away with one kiss. This is the your of person you would want to spend a lifetime with. They are loyal and would never do anything to hurt you.
Girl 1: I wish I had a Jereme as a boyfriend.

Girl 2: Yeah mine is amazing I wish I could marry him!
by SweetAshLove369 February 20, 2019
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A religious movement dedicated to the ideas of Jeremy Usborne, a 20th-21st century British philosopher and musician. Jeremism emerged from Usborne's collaboration with a carpenter, Andy, in creating the Woodworkers and General Persons Union.
Jeremism. I'm a Jeremist.
by RikersBeard October 20, 2015
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Man 1: Dude he’s just sitting there staring!
Man 2: Oh man, he must be such a Jerem!
by Cum sock October 16, 2019
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Is a very sweet guy, he's caring, truthful, compasionet. Etc etc. He's down to earth, and every girls dream ! (:
by His secret admierer(; April 27, 2011
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A racial slur directed towards asian people meaning "Dog eater".
person 1: look at that asian guy over there

person 2: yeah, I hate Jereme Privites.
by I'm Em February 15, 2019
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