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Can be used as in the previous example, but...

a word that describes everything but nothing, in a true but not way. abstract in a way, it is authoritative but subservient, and is also out of the ordinary.
Have you seen that new facility? It looks plastical.
by plastical October 18, 2007
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1. inclined toward or fitted for artificial or insincere money, payment, or credit represented by the use of a credit card or cards.
2. The feeling you get while sleeping inside a White Indian and suddenly it begins to slide and almost plummets over a mountain cliff were it not for the safety of a single metal rod poking out of the side of the mountain.
1. I felt it was plastical to buy a 5th fur coat after joining the PETA group.

2. I felt plastical the weekend i made a snowman on my friends front lawn.
by Alyssa Evans October 25, 2006
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