The sound that a slice of baloney makes when it's thrown at a person.
When they threw the slice of baloney at the naked woman, it made a sound like "plap".
by er_uh_ September 05, 2013
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Is a Swedish word and is short for Pung-Längre-Än-Penis witch in English means Scrotum-Longer-Then-Penis.
It was cold outside so my penis shrank and i got PLÄP.
by nissenice September 03, 2010
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P) Pronunciation Key (p-LAP) v. The act of killing in a virtual sense. "To plap", "Johnny was plapped", "I'll plap you", or the more common "Plap?". Often used in a derogatory sense, n|Soul is no good at it.
by Christos October 23, 2003
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Stands for 'Parking like a Prick'; a derogatory term for one who parks like a prick (i.e. complete twonk/utter dickhead). This could include taking up multiple bays, parking unwisely on a narrow lane, parking in a disabled spot while being perfectly able-bodied, or being a driver of a BMW and/or Audi. First used in this context on the Facebook page 'Parking like a Prick in Ramsbottom'.

When used as a verb, it can also refer to taking photographic evidence of of a plap and shaming the plapper publicly on the Internet or another mass media outlet.
'Look at that cockend parking on a bridge. What a plap.'

'I got plapped the other day when I used the disabled spot and the picture was put all over the internet; I was mortified!!!'
by Pelthain July 05, 2016
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Plap - is to be used as a shorter version of penis-slap. This word as far as i know was developed by me and a few friends in a fast food restaurant sometime around Jan 04. The word plap was spread quickly around town as well as wherever we traveled.
by Geoff January 14, 2005
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