The sound on intense anal sex. It's the noise that the anus makes when the penis is smacked flush against it, in deep, fast, and hard penetration.
Zack: Want to get some drinks baby? And maybe later I can plap that ass for you.

Emma: Do we have to get drinks? Why wait for later? :P
by HeathenWolf September 7, 2020
To top someone during intercourse, referring to the sound balls make when they hit the body. Mostly used for heterosexual encounters, but can be used for homosexual ones as well, so long as it is wet enough for the sound to be heard clearly.

Usually used to refer to the mating press position, but can be used for any as long as the sound is there.
"Damn, I wanna plap her so bad."

"Lmao, I'm gonna plap Lisa so fucking hard tonight, she won't remember her own name."
by Rabbit-Chan April 30, 2020
To fuck someone so hard their ass would make a "plap" noise when you thrust.
"Ey imma plap her"
The sound that a slice of baloney makes when it's thrown at a person.
When they threw the slice of baloney at the naked woman, it made a sound like "plap".
by er_uh_ September 6, 2013
P) Pronunciation Key (p-LAP) v. The act of killing in a virtual sense. "To plap", "Johnny was plapped", "I'll plap you", or the more common "Plap?". Often used in a derogatory sense, n|Soul is no good at it.
by Christos October 23, 2003
A slap to the face using the pennis, done in either a playful manner or as a prank on a sleeping or inebriated friend.

The contraction of Pennis and Slap, derrived from the french Biffle.

past participle: Plapped
She said it wasn't very big so I gave her a plap.

Girl: whats a plap?
Man: Here I'll show you.
man: you've been plapped
by Mr.J. Bravo January 11, 2011
Stands for 'Parking like a Prick'; a derogatory term for one who parks like a prick (i.e. complete twonk/utter dickhead). This could include taking up multiple bays, parking unwisely on a narrow lane, parking in a disabled spot while being perfectly able-bodied, or being a driver of a BMW and/or Audi. First used in this context on the Facebook page 'Parking like a Prick in Ramsbottom'.

When used as a verb, it can also refer to taking photographic evidence of of a plap and shaming the plapper publicly on the Internet or another mass media outlet.
'Look at that cockend parking on a bridge. What a plap.'

'I got plapped the other day when I used the disabled spot and the picture was put all over the internet; I was mortified!!!'
by Pelthain March 28, 2016