Folk-punk record label that has produced records for bands such as Los Gatos Negros, Ghost Mice, Against Me!, Rosa, and This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. Bands on Plan-it-X are enjoyed by people who shower semiannually and ride their bikes to Food Not Bombs every week. It's great music, so check it out.
Kid: Hey dude, I just got this Plan-it-X comp for $3. Score!
Dumb Kid: Dude, that hippie shit's not cool. It'll never be as PUNX RAWX as The Casualties! Oi oi oi!
Kid: *throws pie from Safeway dumpster at dumb kid*
by Lily P. July 7, 2006
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pewdiepie’s plan to stop t-series
“Pewd’s is gonna destroy T-series with Plan X.”
by yogirlabum February 14, 2019
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When out of options, it's best to just give up and admit defeat.
Doug: Quick, Skeeter, Plan X.
Skeeter: Plan X?
Doug: Give her the wizzer.
by DecaTreize1213 February 12, 2016
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When you make some bullshit up about some one who is trying to get wit some bird.
jack fingured his ass hole.
say dis to the bird he is tryin to get wit and put her off him.
by Garf April 25, 2004
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