Los Gatos is a place where the people are either really smart or dumb as fuck - people from all over the world come to live and work in Los Gatos. On the other hand, there are the rich mofos that inherited their money in order to live there and have no interest in teaching their kids about work ethic. The dads are rich and use their money to buy prostitutes that they claim are their wives, but they’re just staying for the Starbucks fund. Everything is overpriced and the kids are either really nice or adopt hitler.
I used to live in Los Gatos halftime as a kid. I was the only one that didnt ave a geezer dad and milf mom at elementary school
by Ains.ya April 5, 2019
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Town in the base of Santa Cruz mountains, rich suburb of San Jose. Lots of rich dads with milf wives, and hot daughters. Lots of rich kids means lots of nice cars, big houses, and drugs. Overall tight ass place, a few hours from Tahoe, 20 minutes from Santa Cruz. Check out the Ferrari dealership, Hummer dealership, and huge houses.
I spent the whole day checking out the big houses, hot women, and nice cars in Los Gatos.
by Chris March 18, 2005
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A city in norcal. People here are RICH BITCH!
The band Trapt, and Dredg also came from Los Gatos.
We straight out of Los Gatos BITCH
by Brian March 8, 2005
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The only town in California, predominantly white (if you see a minority, take a picture), and filled with rich folks with rich kids all living together in their nice little bubble.

In Los Gatos, drug activities are frequent with daily smokage of weed and occasional large drug busts. Drinking is a favorite past time of high school students with nothing better to do in a town where there really is nothing to do.
This concept is further supported by a lame downtown filled with worthless antique shops for old people and rich bitches who have the money to spare.
George! George! Do come look at this 17th century toothpick that I bought from one of the twenty antique shops in Los Gatos!

Why, William! That is most exquisite! How much did it cost you?

Ah, it was but only pocket change, my friend. I'll earn back my daughter's college fund by tomorrow. No worries 'ol chap. Now let us go smoke some cigars down at the Los Gatos Cigar Lounge.
by skizzer1025 July 21, 2006
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I live in Los Gatos, drive a BMW X5, have a large house, and work for a high tech company.
by Alexandra G. May 26, 2005
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los gatos is a rich ass town in northern California where everyone is living in their own bubble and almost all the high schoolers there do weed or vape. I beware you not to move there because the people are hella annoying and very mean. especially the class of 2021. no one wants to hear your sex jokes guysss. some boys are cute but then you find out something terrible about them and immediately they are unattractive. the girls are sluts who would do anything to get fucked by any random sophomore or junior. their boobs are always out but somehow never get dress coded.
I hate living in los gatos. the people there suck ass
by waffle llama February 28, 2018
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A school so confusing it would be better explain using percentages 10% rich snobs who here nice shit like supreme and bape because they can . 80% rich snobs who try to pretend not to be spoiled to avoid punishment and judgement by their friends. 10% normal kids that have no money but still act like pieces of shit.

In terms of drugs everyone does them because its "cool" 100% assholes who chose not to better themselves
I went to Los Gatos highschool for a year and realized that no one pays for anything themselves except for drugs and Arizona tea
by @normal dude October 11, 2017
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