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Faulty, in some unspecified way.

From the PK Dick short story Autofac, where the word 'pizzled' is used to confuse a robot who keeps delivering unwanted milk. Since there is nothing wrong with the milk, the robot will not stop delivering it, even though the humans don't want it. But when the humans say that it is 'pizzled', the robot is forced to fill in a compaint form which ultimately results in the downfall of the robot factory system.
"This milk is pizzled"
by Richard Graham October 03, 2006
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The feeling you get when someone whips out their Blackberry aka crackberry or cell phone and begins having a conversation with someone. It's a cross between pissed off and puzzled.
I was pizzled the other night when my husband started talking on his Crackberry at the dinner table.
by Nic1010 February 17, 2006
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1)very very pissed
2)to describe heavy rain
"You were extremely pizzled last night"
"It pizzled it down last night"
by gemma February 08, 2004
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When you are pizzled and pissed about something at the same time. Such as you don't know why your gf/bf would cheat on you, and you are pissed.
Sarah: Omg did you know Brady cheated on Kelsie?
Sierra: Yeah she told me she was pretty pizzled about it.
by AlejandroMandro November 18, 2011
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The art of being owned.

A term commonly used in the game Counter Strike: Source as a replacement for the overused term "owned"
1. "Yo Guitar just got his ass pizzled!"

2. "Did you see that scrim on Matt and Dan's Server?! The 860 pizzled their asses!"
by ratt90 October 11, 2009
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