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Where the wild things are, but with a beautiful downtown area!

Established 1837, originally home to Seminole American Indians and some other tribe no one remembers.

The one that got destroyed by four hurricanes in 2004 and barely got an honorable mention because certain people didn't show up for the board meetings, and they ain't as rich as Palm Beach.
Angry hobos, housing projects, the ghetto,

Sample Conversation No. 1:
"Where you lee-yuv ho?"
"Fort Pierce"
"DAYUM nigga! How long da' be?"
"-smacks gum- About 17-18 yee-ahs"
"Damn bitch, an' you ain't been shot at yet? Props!"

Sample Conversation No. 2:
"I got me two hookers an' 'n eight bawl! Dat be some good coccaine, where you get it?"
"In Fort Pierce"

Sample Conversation No. 3:
"Yo shiz, you know what da homework wuz fo' las' night?"
"Naw dawg, I ain't got nothin'. Ain't no body need physics any way. I'z bangin' dis one chick las' night and had me some bubs gettin' crunk in da club."
"Sheeeeeyat niggaaaaa! you be BAWLIN'! I gots some THANGS to do"
"If it about dat bitch who gotta pay me wha' she OWE, you betta bust a cap in her ass!"
by Moe (Alkire) February 19, 2009
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