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A somewhat lit place to live, but lots of fake, non loyal hoes live in the 772. There’s also a lot of people that think that they’re big and bad, but they aren’t. In the 772 almost every middle-schooler talks to 18 yr olds. And everybody has a problem with people no matter where you go. Also everybody has a group chat just to talk about people
Person 1: Hey did you see that fight in the 772?
Person 2: Yes, and nobody can fight.
by Hebdbshebrvejwjebh May 16, 2018
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The area code for Martin and St. Lucie County on the east coast of South Florida. Located just north of Palm Beach County (561) and just south of Brevard County (321).
Fort Pierce, Gifford, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Port Salerno, Port St. Lucie, Sebastian, Stuart, and Vero Beach

by Braduh October 02, 2007
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A place home to Pelican island and some fake people. No ones loyal, no one knows anything, teachers all suck. Theres limited people who are trustworthy, and all these people, again, are fake 😂❣
Person 1: yooo did you see the fight at the 772 fair???
Person 2: yeah I recorded it and was going for sherrilyn but I love the other chick too.
by Kejdjbwh January 18, 2019
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The area code for Martin County in south Florida. It is located directly above Palm Beach County. Like mostly all of Florida it has a high drug and crime rate.
gangsta 1: "Ay dawg where u stay at?
gangsta 2: "In da 772 ma nigga!"
by gangstas N thugs June 10, 2008
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