Pizza - the 5th Food group. Great for a girls night in and can be found everywhere.
Dude, you got the Peeza?
by Oats March 21, 2004
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best meal in the world. Vegetarians will snap out of their near-deadly ways to get 1 slice of the meal Italy invented
G1: Dude, i just had this pizza slice, wanna try?
G2: No way man, i'm a vegetarian
G1: That's false man, try it! it's good!
G2: no, i'd rather eat tofu
G1: that last serving of tofu you ate was nothing but pizza! goes with everything!
by your best idiot March 16, 2010
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buy the domain for your art blog
like sex,
when its good, its GREAT!
&&& when its bad, its still pretty good.
omg, omg, omg, oh yes yes yes yes yes yes your so hot. you mlet in my mouth. oh god, YES YES YES YES YES. damn that was some good pizza. i think was orgasmic.
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The tastiest thing to come out of Italy until Monica Bellucci came along.
There's nothing quite like a hot plate of pizza, a cold soft drink, and a good movie on the TV.
by Deej July 22, 2004
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Whatever you want it to be....

(Think in-ur-end-o)
Maddie: Mmm, I love me some meaty pizza.

Polly: I prefer vegetarian.

Jenny: Well, I like personal pizzas.

Meagan: You would.

Jenny: I do.

Maddie: I know, right?

Polly: For sure, right?

Meagan: Fo siz, affirmative?
by BHS Tech July 23, 2008
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uncommon slang for weed, or pot. many different variations such as crust=blunt, a slice=dimesac, whole pizza=an ounce, bite of pizza=one hit, cup=pipe, somehow related is a tortilla, which is a joint, a pizza box is a bag.
"Yo dawg, i got a whole pizza the other day, in a tight box too, i took some bites off the crust from once slice, while my homies took some in a cup and one had a fat tortilla."
by DJ Cundy May 28, 2005
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code between smokers around non-smokers for bud (marijuana, cannabis, pot, herb).
Hey we gonna pick up some pizza later
Lets go get some pizza
by Innovative smoker August 04, 2009
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