A Awesome, Very Smart Friend That may Be Santa clause. He is very angelic, and He Likes The Colors Brown and Green The most
Wow, look at that smart kid he is a Deigo
by Chawies freind December 07, 2011
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He's really chill and pretty awkward but is a great friend. It is easy to like someone with the name Diego but u usually get. Over it. He is really funny and always tells everyone he goes to the gym. He is pretty strong also. But see don't believe all the workouts he does
by Savonahhh June 06, 2019
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The overly tan, usually Italian boys or manwhores that sleep with anything that walks.

The Gotti's
Man he's cute, but don't sleep with him. I think he's one of those deigo nasties.
by Spunky Union June 08, 2007
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future winner of the SUPABOWL TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR cuz they got DROO BEEZSE and LADANIAN TOMLINSON. don't worry, the'll win that shit

the San Deigo CHAHGAHZ
by J 2 da P December 22, 2004
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