The person we all love that brings pizza to our doors
"i love ordering pizza, because the pizza guy comes to me and i dont have to go to the store!"
by Cobrajr122 June 26, 2006
A: I've been studying for 10 f***ing hours and now it's 3AM and I'm hungry as f***, dude.
B: Order a pizza.
A: That's a good idea.
---later that night---
B: Pizza guy's here.
A: ...I love that man.
by AmishVomitCake May 13, 2008
Typically a white male in their late teens, with brown medium-long hair, and possesses an annoying personality.
Sam: Jenny did you remember that 'Pizza Guy' at the diner last night?!

Jenny: Yea, he kept annoyingly trying to talk to us.
by Carter Wall June 23, 2011
An action to do when getting a delivery of pizza. Generally the minimum is $2 or 15% of the order, but if you want consistent excellent service feel free to overtip, because drivers remember good customers. Conversely, if you want bad service don't tip, and wait for your pizza 1 hour +. Do not assume a delivery fee is given to the driver, since even if it is s/he may only recieve service wage ($2.23 in MA) or no mileage.
"16.75 for three pizzas."
"Here's a twenty, keep the change."
"Thank you!"
by Java-tan August 5, 2005
dino's asian pizza guy, delivers free cans of coke at 3am for sex.
asian pizza guy: would you like some asian in you?
by Matilda Nine November 21, 2008
You can't ever forget the delivery guy ®️
Pizza delivery guy
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 10, 2019
That Awesome Pizza Hut Guy is what you call a male waiter who works at Pizza Hut that you think is the coolest waitstaff that you have ever met, EVER!
Did you get to be waited on by That Awesome Pizza Hut Guy? He was the best!
by Service Freak July 15, 2010