When a man ejaculates in his own hand, and then flings it on another person.
She passed out before I could finish, so I pixie dusted her and took off.
by TheManSlut November 11, 2010
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After picking one's nose, one may have an an accumulation of human mucus on their finger. In order to remove this crusty vittle from one's digit, a simple rubbing action between index finger and thumb will often remove the little buggers. If done properly, the release of boogers should be done with your arm extended from the body so as to not have any dried snot or "Pixie Dust" fall on you or someone near you. The removal of this mass of solid mucus can also be done while driving, but the "pixie dust" should be released while one's arm is extended out of the window so that the vehicle's carpet is not tainted.
Marty: "Man, you must have a cold, huh?"
Andy: "Yeah, how'd you know?"
Marty: "I see you diggin' away up there and spreading your pixie dust like it's going out of style."
by Simon Jethro June 26, 2006
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Passing gas while someone is giving you a BlowJob!
I had to spread a little pixie dust last night while my girl gave me a BJ.
by RooterTooter June 27, 2010
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The act of surprise throwing the candy content of a Wonka Pixy Stix onto a guy and then proceeding to fondle their testicles and saying "You just got Pixy Dusted!"
Guy1: Guess what?
Guy2: What?
{Guy1 throws candy and fondles Guy2's nutsack}
Guy1: you just got Pixy Dusted!
by KamiWaShinda May 16, 2012
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When a girl gives a guy a blowjob and then spits the cum into the guys asshole and he farts it back into her mouth.
Last night that guy gave me Pixie Dust. Tasted yummy!
by sallie2 December 22, 2009
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when a guy or girl snorts a line of cocaine off a mans erect penis.
"wow Jimmy just got a pixy dust special from Samantha"
by vlademier September 6, 2011
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