CBD Pixie Dust Syndrome (CBD PDS) is a condition associated with the compulsive act of sprinkling CBD into any random product, simply so one can merchandise the letters “CBD” in pursuit of… dolla dolla bill y’all.

According to a growing number of PDS companies, CBDs are great for:

-Candles & diffusers
-Bedding & household fabrics
-Male enhancement
-Nail polish & shampoo

Product purpose? Wrong question. Benefits? You don’t know? It’s CBDs! The science behind PDS products is revolutionary: no science whatsoever.
Joe: What if yoga leggings, but with CBD in them?
Bob: You might want to see a dr...I think you're coming down with a case of CBD Pixie Dust Syndrome.
by PDS Fairy January 20, 2020
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Angels Pixy Dust is cocaine and a different way to say just kinda like weed with "who trynna smoke the devils lettuce"
"Yo who trynna snort the angels pixy dust"
by -someguystonned December 20, 2017
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A very general term for a large number of different things. Can typically refer to anything that could be interpreted as a magical dust, whether that be a game item, a philosophical or supernatural concept, or hard drugs.
“Dude, you know we’re all made of pixie dust right?”

“With all the shit I’ve taken I’m probably at least 50 percent pixie dust by now.”
by An English chap April 28, 2021
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