A way of experiencing grief, in which you spend your time feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is.
Pity parties can be just for one or for many people, such as maybe your friends and close people, who will try to comfort you or just be there for you while you keep asking yourself what did you do to deserve whatever it is that made you so sad in the first place
Pity Parties require the proper outfit, which is usually pajamas cause you dont get all dressed up during those feeling-sorry-for-myself moments. Also you should have no make up on or just the one from the night before; hair undone as well.
It also involves tissues, comfort food such as ice cream; chocolate; potato chips; cookies; cake; and candy. Low fat food is banned
Alcohol might or might not be allowed (if alcohol makes you go wild, no alcohol should be brought to the pity party in that case since the point is not exactly to have fun). The purpose of a Pity Party is to dumpt the pity
Music is also very important at pity parties, including songs like "One is the Loneliest Number", "All by Myself" and any other song that makes you feel like throwing yourself from the nearest cliff
Pity parties usually end after you are done whining or if someone breaks it up. This will usually be a cynical loved one who will not let you drown in self pity and will take you either to have the best time ever, drinking and partying or will just make you crawl out of bed by making you see how pathetic you look and how you should cut the whining and just do something to make things better
My boyfriend dumped me and my cat was run over, time to throw a pity party!

Sorry to break the pity party, but you seriously have to get out of bed and get over it
by raspberrymuffin August 1, 2006
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A party you throw for yourself after something bad has happened to you.
After Donny broke up with me I threw myself a little pity party with some vodka.
by Sheila Serio September 30, 2004
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is when someone wants somebody to feel sorry for them
Sometimes looking for a pity party makes you feel worse.
by Gerard Irick June 4, 2010
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expressing how sorry one feels for oneself in front of friends or family
Do you always have to have such a pity party when you make a mistake.
by The Return of Light Joker July 19, 2010
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Did my inviation disappear

Why'd i put my heart on every cursive letter
Tell me why the hell no one is here
Tell me what to do to make it all feel better
Maybe it's a cruel joke on me , whatever
Just means there's way more cake for me , forever
It's my party and i'll cry if i want to cry if i want to cry cry cry
I'll cry until the candles burn down this place
I'll cry until my pity party's in flames
by Xenogenisis February 24, 2020
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A person that always complain about there problems and life only so they can control you emotionally to use you for there survival really sick stuff
Oh! you want me to throw you a Pity Party your problems not bigger than mine everybody got bills
by Mick Ea13 June 16, 2019
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Doing something so stupid that you are :pity:ied beyond the max.
Shut up burninphily,before I throw a :pity: party in your name
by Greg is Gay April 20, 2008
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