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(countrymen in spanish) a term used for a mexican guy who hardly speaks or knows any english or is probbably an illegal alien
why are you going to court? I need to translate for my dad he is a pisa
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
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A description of a Mexican who instead of conforming to American living, stubbornly does not change. Keeping the same clothes, no interest in learning English, or interest in American culture what so ever, and or citizenship.
Look at the freaking Pisa, nasty ass chunti!
by Samuel Vargas January 16, 2009
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Beautiful italian city, among the most widely known locations in the world... and my birthplace. Not to be mistaken for "Pizza" (see example).
"During my trip to Italy I climbed to the top of the leaning tower of Pizza" "It's Pisa, you miserable dumb-ass!"
by libeccio July 02, 2007
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Pronounced Pice-suh ( means β€œcountrymen” in spanish). Term used to describe a mexican, usually male, who hardly speaks or knows any english, typically an illegal alien who deals heroin and crack. They usually are employed by the Mexican cartel but are low level importance and have no cartel authority.
β€œHit up the Pisa for a balloon of black.”
β€œI’m going to the block to pick up from a Pisa.”

β€œThere’s a Pisa almost on every corner downtown.”
by KyeWee February 08, 2019
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