Helpful and useful code word employed when something goes south. Basically means everybody should leave and do so quickly.

To be used when police show up at a party, people randomly break out various intravenous drugs, someone says something unbearably awkward, or when occupied locations become lame and boring.

Can be used as a noun or verb, depending on the wording of the sentence. When heard anywhere in a sentence the meaning is the same.
Friend #1: "Wow is that your ex?"

Friend #2: "Ummm, yeah did you hear about that party on Sunset Blvd?"

Friend #1: "Let me get my jacket..."
by Emoryology October 1, 2007
An awesome alternative/electro rock band from Gainesville, FL. Their songs include Medina Sod and Input Energize, both upbeat songs with an excellent combination of guitar, bass, drums and vox. Victory Blvd was originally a solo side project started by guitarist Patrick Daniel that was converted into a full band shortly after the disbanding of a previous project known as Re-Issued, which also involved bassist Andy and drummer Alex. That trio practiced and wrote music together for 6 months before finally adding vocalist Kodi Diabolical into the lineup in March 2008. The band performed their first set on April 10th, 2008 at 1982 Bar, which was met with an enthusiastic response.
by Kelly Cobb May 29, 2008
Some West Charlotte projects, da hood, da ghetto, very dangerous
Man you hear about them two niggas who got shot up on West Blvd. for throwin up East side?
by Your Local Bootlegger October 2, 2006
A rapper from Jamaica Queens NY signed to Universal Records. He is widely known for his single "Rock It Out" which features Jadakiss and Fabolous.
Did you hear that new Blvd Benny song?
by The A&R's February 5, 2010
Noun: A specific location where Haggy's might be at play.
"Haggy" - is gay and so is his entire family - all up on Haggy Blvd
by HOLLA ATA BALLA January 14, 2009
a) Famous highway in Los Angeles, CA.

b) A film noir popularized by its final line "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Deville". Stars William Holden and Gloria Swanson. Won 3 Academy Awards/Oscars. Depicts the story of a desperate writer looking to make a cheap buck but ends up trapped within the web of a femme fatale, a former silent film star who wants to re-attain stardom.
I watched Sunset Blvd. in my Film Studies class.
by artistchick November 12, 2006
Gypzy Blvd is a pop glam rock band originally formed in Hollywood California in April of 2000. They are known for their lo fi songs mostly about teen run aways, and crushd dreams of those who move out west to make it big. While the songs are brilliant, the production and performance is simply O.K. The primary songwriter for Gypzy Blvd is Tim St. John, former Bassist for the glam metal band Bitch-N-Moan. The band currently resides in St. Louis, MO.
Hollywood Girls is GYPZY BLVD's most popular song!
by Walter Blackett November 22, 2006