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Strange facial contortions intended to look tough.

Pirate face is contagious. It may include such symptoms as a sneering upper lip, raised eyebrow, sour grapes mouth, or constipation eyes.
The rapper Pitbull has a bad case of pirate face.
by cathexis July 24, 2011
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The art of cumming in the face of a female, and getting her in the eye. She then closes it and yells "arrgh". If you get her especially well, she may need an eye-patch.
Bill Clinton: "I did not have pirate face relations with that woman." -Reuters
by Gregness October 25, 2007
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A person that is at a very high level of intoxication to the point of needing to close one eye to avoid double vision.

The pirate portion is in reference to a carefree demeanor, strong alcohol breath, and the use of only one eye as if they were wearing an eye patch.

I coined this term after meeting an individual in A.A. and discussing my use of one eye to be able to see while drunk. He mentioned that he always had an eyepatch hanging from his rear view mirror for just such an occasion!
I can't believe Frankie actually beat guts with that beezy that was rockin the pirate face.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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when a guy cums in a girls eye and kicks her in the shin.
she then starts yelling arghhh.... hence the PIRATE.
whilst she yells she covers the eye with the jizz in and holds her leg.
therefore she looks like a pirate.
i pirate faced that bitch last night!
i totally nailed jims sister....even gave her the pirate!
by Georgie Boy January 17, 2008
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