A unit of volume between 0.8 and 1.5 milliletres.
I'll have my cuppa tea with only a little bit of milk, not a pipette, like you usually make it.
by David Kuling September 21, 2006
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A pipette job is given by a rare and gifted individual in the laboratory setting. The three stages of a good pipette job include 1. wetting the rim, 2. insertion of the pipette tip and beginning graceful movements up and down, and 3. pipette ejaculation, occuring at the same time as the final thrust of the hand giving the PJ.
"Jessica gives the best PJ's in lab, although Anthony comes in at a close second when giving a pipette job to male cells"


"Tris, you PJ'd the fuck out of those cells and made them break up."
by Mark Engleberry July 16, 2009
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Low self esteemed college freshman, with loads of daddy issues looking to catch the pipe
There were oodles of pipettes at the dining hall last night. I had to take one back to my dorm to "Netflix and chill".
by Bear Jew 69 September 18, 2015
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