A fat who consumes speedos like double fudge cake.
Is he wearing a speedo?
-Yeah, his flab just buried it.
by i'm a becky March 6, 2005
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Someone facing criminal charges that are more than likely going to get them sent to prision, not just county jail.
Hey homie with all those charges your pinta bound forsure. You fucked up
by Ixpol828 January 22, 2015
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This means when a person bends down and gets raped in prison by another cell mate.
"Hey look Fernando is bending down he must like it Pinta Style!"
by Pirate Jack November 14, 2006
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A group of annoying patriots from the Philippines in the BRM5 discord community.
Dude, the Pinta-Kids won't shut the fuck up about their own country!
by Geraldston October 11, 2023
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I just saw Kelly pulling a Pintas yesterday on Twitch.
by Harry Bentacuz May 24, 2022
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