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NF eNe catorce

A gang started in Solodad in the 1960's. It was formed in Solodad to protect northern/central California Mexicans from La eMe/x3 who thought they were farmers because they didn't dress/act like they were from LA. Basically they are the prison version of Nortenos. They are the largest gang network in NorCal(2nd largest in state). It is allegedly ran from inside Skeleton Bay SHU.

Their enemies are pretty much all Nazi/racist gangs and all the scraps (eMe/Surenos/mara/any other X3). In a lot of situations they work with black gangs against the scraps or white power gangs.

Identified by wearing the color Red, lots of Nebraska football clothing/hats, and hella NF tats.
Nuestra Familia is to Norte what La eMe is to Surenos/mara.
by d0sha October 23, 2007
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