You just failed spelling pineapples.
Why are youon the internet?
Isaac:Hey, did you know pineaples grow on trees?
Zach:Dis you just misspell pineapples?
Isaac:Sorry, autocorrected haha
Zach:We're talking right now, what the hell?
Isaac:*wipes forehead*|
Zach:Don't wipe my forehead again.
by Paracotis456 November 19, 2020
alternate (wrong) spelling of Pineapple

see pinapple
that pineaple would go great on my peetza
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
A pineapple, but better because it doesn't have an apple in it; An AWESOME Pineaple
by awesomepineapple315 November 26, 2021
You really misspelt Pineapples? How do you misspell pineapples? Two P's.
Ross: Do we have any Pineaples?
Josh: You mean Pineapples?
Ross: Sorry, Voice to text messed up.
Josh: Were talking in person...
by BirbsHere April 9, 2020