spanish for pimp. add the O to everything in spanish and it is the word.
by Finding Nemo November 10, 2004
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Someone who Ilsie wishes she could be.
Ilsie: Oh pimpo, I wanna be just like you! P to the I to the M to the P to the OOOOOOOOOOH!
by Crunkmaster Ryan January 26, 2005
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a name commonly taken by people in the imapimp msn group, used only to annoy people in chatrooms and other gay internet stuff that people spend waaaaaaaay to much time on.
tricky756: hi, im new here.
pimpo: want a badge made for that you nerdy little bitch?
satandemon666: Loll pimpo i like your style ~_^
pimpo: satandemon666's dad gives the sittiest blowjobs ever
pimpo: bitch
by elijar November 5, 2006
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Being incredibly cool in every way possible.
Did you see Az macking that hottie in his sweet ride, he's such an el pimpo.
by Scotty Matheson June 29, 2007
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Someone that is a member of the el pimpo brotherhood.
hey isnt that el pimpo over there with that chick, i better go help him out.
by Scotty Matheson August 3, 2007
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Pimpo alguien que está lleno de comer.

Decido en Puerto Rico mucho por jente vieja.
Mami ya no quiero más comida estoy Pimpo.
by EsteNoEsMiNombreReal July 6, 2018
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