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A simple pair of tennis shoes, skater shoes, coverses, high-tops, etc in which have been "Pimped out" or given a new and unique "make over" by the owner of the shoes to fit their unique style;no pair of Pimp Shoes will be the same considering each pair made will fit the given person's style;Pimp Shoes CAN NOT be found in stores...After the selling of Pimp Shoes they are no longer Pimp Shoes since they were designed for YOUR OWN STYLE
a pair of tennis shoes painted, with actual lace instead of laces with any "cool" design of your own, any pair of shoes that you personal "pimp out" are pimp shoes.
by Pimpin' Dude March 21, 2007
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anything that is cool, can be used for a person, place, or thing
Jeremiah is a pimp shoes
Man that cheeseburger was pimp shoes
Dude Japan is pimp shoes
by Jerm Juice September 13, 2006
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